We are the profession most responsible for how you live your life.

We influence every element of society today...... and are creating the technologies for how lives will be tomorrow.

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Engineering matters to Everyone. Here's why?

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Our Planet faces massive problems - energy supplies, climate change, water supplies, food shortages, pollution, security and health issues.

And all over the World, people believe Engineering holds the key to solving these critical issues.

We use science and technology to make big things happen. Make things better.

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Our work depends on the skills and technologies of thousands of other engineers.

From the smallest component, to the most complex assemblies, every element matters.

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We make cutting edge technology that helps protect what our society values.

radar observation

Creating systems and technologies that keep us safe, protect our military personnel, and help defend our democratic values.


Building security technology that safeguards borders, monitors threats and protects our individual property.


Constructing systems that help our ambulance, police and security services to act fast in emergencies.


Building the most advanced military equipment for air, sea, and land to protect our nation.

We are constantly creating ways to save lives, improve health and make medicines.


Building and installing equipment that allows fast and safe transport of the sick and injured.


Developing advanced technology to analyse and treat the most complex illnesses and diseases to save lives.


Inventing complex systems to allow the rapid development and production of life-saving medicines and vaccines.


Mass production of medical devices that bring relief and a better quality of life to millions around the world.

We are transforming transport to have a lower carbon footprint, be more efficient and safer.


Conceiving and building AI Transport that will create safer freedom of movement.


Installing low-cost transport systems to allow pollution free travel in big cities.


Creating mass transit systems to reduce carbon emissions and allow easy access to local amenities.


Developing groundbreaking propulsion systems for air travel to reduce pollution, reliability on fossil fuels and increase speed.

We are designing more sustainable buildings and affordable homes.


Conceiving and building eco-developments which provide zero carbon community living.


Designing and installing alternative energy sources to reduce reliability on fossil fuels.


Introducing system thinking to create modular buildings using sustainable materials that can adapt to future needs.


Developing modular building systems to allow the rapid creation of highly finished, energy efficient, affordable homes.

We make the precision components critical in making bigger systems function.


Design and manufacturing specialist electrical components required for cutting edge technologies.


Machining components in specialist metals to the exceptional accuracy required by today's high technology.


Designing and making the high tech components that are essential to drive and control larger products and systems.


Developing prototyping systems to allow rapid testing and evaluation of mechanical concepts.

We make tools that allow us to better understand the wonders of planet earth and the universe.


Creating manufacturing measurement and analysis equipment that allows us to better understand nature in its most minuscule detail.

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Refining technologies that allow advanced rapid analysis and understanding of the building blocks of life.


Creating satellites and exploration modules that allow us to communicate globally and explore deep into space.


Building underwater systems that allow exploration of the seabed and laying deep sea cables and pipelines.

We are creating technologies that allow us to better use the gifts of nature to feed our planet.


Innovative developments to make better use of global water resources.  Energy-intensive desalination plants, improving biological treatment processes, sensors for leaky pipes and more.


Engineers are transforming agriculture by automating tasks, improving efficiency, and thus increasing crop yields to help feed the world’s expanding population.

India: communications at  LettUsGrow

Engineers are working with plant scientists towards a future where affordable, healthy crops can be grown locally thus reducing waste and carbon footprint.


Robots to harvest crops, plant seeds, pick fruit, milk cows, pack produce and provide irrigation, are just few examples of how Engineers are working with nature to feed mankind.

We are exploring new ways to monitor and understand how the human body works.

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Engineers are constantly researching ways to give sports equipment higher performance levels and be more ergonomic.


Using new technologies researchers can measure how our bodies behave and the impact that has on our health.


Devise digital technologies to measure to pinpoint accuracy how athletes perform and thus push human capabilities to the next level.


Using new materials and processes to create equipment that allows us to carry out tasks more efficiently whilst protecting our bodies.

We are creating evermore exciting ways to present entertainment.

Alicia Vikander as the robot Ava in Alex Garland’s <i>Ex Machina</i>

Constantly exploring the potential of 3D Cad to create images that stretch our imagination.

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Pushing the boundaries of electronics to make entertainment and information accessible to all.


Teams working to enhance music, light and theatre to create all encompassing entertainment experiences.


Pushing the boundaries of architectural structures to create buildings which are safe, comfortable venues for sharing experiences.

Together we make great changes happen.  It's all about collaboration and teamwork

The myth of the lone genius is just a myth. Great inventions are not the result of the lone individual.