What about me?

What could a career in Engineering mean to me?

Engineering is about playing a part in making big things become a reality.

It's creating products, buildings or services that improve lives.

Engineering is about teamwork, appreciating the skills of others, working together towards a higher goal.

Engineering gives our work a social purpose.

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Getting started.

What's great about apprenticeships is that you get paid while you study. So no tuition fees and no student loans to be paid back - earning while you’re learning.

Apprenticeships vary from 2 to 6 years but most are around 4 years long. If you are not someone who is naturally academic it's a great alternative to university giving you a solid foundation for a career in engineering.

And remember it’s not just about obtaining a certificate it's about learning practical skills and business knowledge which together give you future opportunities.

Graduate schemes, usually offered by larger companies, give new graduates a chance to quickly understand the complexities of business. 

For an engineer that might involve undertaking a research program before switching to design development, then seeing how designs are finalised for production or possibly overseeing production itself.

As your scheme time draws to a close, you will have established a network of contacts across the company that will prove useful as your career progresses.

A number of engineering degree courses, such as mechanical, electrical, aeronautical and production engineering, require undergraduates to take a one-year placement in an engineering or research company as part of their study programme.

Good placements mean that you will be given tasks which will stretch you but will be within your capabilities, and all the while you are gaining an understanding of how an engineering business functions.

You will experience first hand how various teams interact to make the whole business operates, and you will be treated as a proper employee. 

Interested in engineering but not sure what it really is? Then a summer placement is a great way to find out. And you’ll be paid too!

Typical summer placements start in June and last for up to 12 weeks.

Good placements mean that you will be set tasks which will stretch you but be within your capabilities, and all the while you're gaining an understanding of how an engineering business functions.

Do it well, and you will have made friends and built contacts which could stand you in good stead for the future.

Hundreds of engineering companies have no formal recruitment programs but they are open to approaches.

Many are always on the lookout for enthusiastic graduates, apprentices or experienced candidates with the right skills.

There isn't always a job waiting, but most keep a good record of the people who make contact. And if you tick all the right boxes they may well create an opening.

Assuming your skills right then do your homework. Take time to read up about what the company does or makes. Check out its culture. Does it really interest you? And if so Why? If it’s just to earn some money that’s not the answer they will be looking for.

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