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Why it matters?

Teachers, career advisers, influencers and many parents know virtually nothing about modern Engineering. It is a profession that has long been misunderstood.

The result is that 76% of UK 11 to 19 year-olds don’t know what people working in engineering do and an extra 59,000 engineers are needed each year.

These facts will have profound impact on your business today and tomorrow. To grow and prosper you need the very best people. You have to win the recruitment race and attract the very best minds.

Engineering is mutually supportive. Your business relies on the skills, products or contribution of other engineers. Every engineering sector is suffering from a lack of top talent.

How we help you?

We showcase the vibrancy and diversity of UK engineering in ways that a big audience can relate to.

We exploit the tools of social media. We use technology to promote technology.

We help you connect with the young on their terms.

In an era of uncertainty, what is certain is that Engineering and Innovation will be crucial to finding solutions to change the way we work and play.

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