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Why Join?

Research by Government and Institutions shows

" 76% of 11 to 19 year-olds don’t know what people working in engineering do,

an extra 59,000 engineers are needed each year,

only 12% of the workforce in engineering are female,

and only 9% are black, Asian, and minority ethnic."

Reasons and Factors


Engineering is a profession that has long been misunderstood. Teachers, career advisers, influencers and many parents know virtually nothing about modern Engineering. Or the huge opportunities it offers.


Most UK engineering is Business to Business. We communicate with other engineers. Talk is specifications, equipment, facilities, performance, certifications.  All critical to selling -   but a turn off to non-engineers.

Outdated Image

Most young people assume that engineering involves hard, manual, often dirty work, in a male-dominated workplace. A narrow specialism with limited job opportunities.

The Young Aspire

Young people want their work to be purposeful, to have social value. They value creativity and community over exclusivity and status. They’re all about working as a team to create the best possible results.

Hidden from View

The majority of Engineering takes place in unremarkable buildings on the edge of town.

Hidden from view, the public has little inkling of the buzz of energy and creativity within.

Failing to Connect

To relate to people you must talk of people. We are more prone to focus on technical facts, processes and results. But facts are not inspiring to teenagers.

We overlook the people who do it, why they do it, and the social value of ourwork.

Huge costs

The engineering sector spends £Ms each year on promotions, fairs, and media to  stimulate interest in engineering careers.  Something other business sectors do not have to do.  Why?

Why all Engineering?

Engineering is mutually supportive. Your business will undoubtedly rely on the skills, products or contribution of other engineers. Every engineering sector is suffering from a lack of top talent.


We have entered an era of huge uncertainty.

What is certain is that Engineering and Innovation will be crucial to finding solutions to change the way we work and play.


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