Engineering + Alexander McQueen sparks Curiousity

Creations of an untethered mind.


This weekend I visited the Alexander McQueen fashion exhibition at the V&A in London.

Creations of an untethered mind realised through immaculate craftsmanship. Well worth a visit!

What's that got to do with engineering you may ask?

Well the highlight for me was the laser technology behind one particular exhibit. A hologram of Kate Moss in a flowing gown, that wafts around her in the wind. She appears from nowhere, and floats before you; there .... yet not there. Something that could only be realised through an extraordinary piece of engineering.

A vision first seen some 9 years ago, but only  presented at exclusive fashion shows in New York, Paris and London to which the few fashionistas  are invited.

Now for the first time it can seen by the general public. To me it's an extraordinary example of how clever engineering, combined with a creative mind, can create something truly mystical and inspiring.

Whilst the video gives a taster you have to see it in three dimensions - only then does its true magic become apparent. A combination of art and engineering that should  remain on permanent show.

It's exactly the sort of presentation we need to get young minds asking “How does that work?” … and potentially encourage more to consider a career in engineering.



photo: Michel Dufour/WildImage
video: thanks to tachyon17011701 on youtube
portrait of Alexander McQueen byJenny Mae Harris