Savvy teens know why maths & physics are key

Tougher subjects – but worth it.

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Dozens of initiatives have sprung up recently to encourage the study of STEM subjects in schools.

I particularly like this video produced by one “YOUR LIFE” which in a humorous and engaging way tells teenagers about the true value of Maths and Physics.

Tougher subjects – but worth it.

To me however the big problem lies in the next step and it’s alluded to in this video.

The big decision is what career?

You can use titles like architect, aeronautical engineer, surveyor etc. but as a teenager they are way outside your experiences. Letting teenagers know about the opportunities  our society now offers is the great challenge in career guidance.

In the Engineering world the problem lies very much at the feet of our thousands of engineering companies.  To date they have been poor at communicating to the public and by that I mean parents, teachers, career guides and indeed teenagers  the human aspects of their work, its value to society, and the importance of its people.

That's why engineering is far from being a career of choice for most teens.

If we can get that right, alongside the STEM encouragement at school, then the UK Engineering sector has a bright future and with it, due to the wealth it creates, all of us too.