The French do it Better

What we can learn from our neighbours across the water.

Engineers demonstrate their joie de vivre.

In France Engineering has long been a respected profession; a profession which attracts both men and women.

Here in the UK many large engineering companies are finding it difficult to recruit the very brightest minds and wondering why? Well a big factor is undoubtedly the way you communicate with your audience  - old ways no longer work with today’s media savvy kids.

UK engineers tend to focus on facts - how big the company is, how clever its products are, how many offices, how many employees, its systems and specific job descriptions all presented in a soulless manner.

This video by French aerospace manufacturer Safran, is by comparison refreshingly light-hearted, informal and welcoming in its approach and yet there is still a serious business message.

We may be in the process of separating from Europe but when it comes to Engineering there are still a few things we can learn from our neighbours across the water.