Great projects require great teams

The French value their Artisans


Armind Monteiro: Artisan Carcassing

The LV Fondation in the Bois de Boulogne, Paris is a  stunning piece of architecture by the renowned architect Frank Gehry creating a venue for contemporary visual arts.

In addition to being a building of engineering flamboyance, it also provides a welcoming playground for those who are perhaps new to the arts, with its overt presentation of structure, waterfalls, mirror colonnade and many other visual delights.

But the biggest difference to me comparing this venue to anything similar in the UK is the recognition that “the whole construction process” itself was deemed a worthy exhibit.

Rokhaya Sagna: Site Manager

A recognition that without the help of many,  many skilled individuals the project would never have got beyond being a mere idea. 

Permanent exhibits taking up a whole floor illustrate how the concept evolved, the experiments of the architectural team, how special materials were needed and developed, the importance of every craftsman from welder to plasterer - an overt demonstration of French Artisan values.


Bakar Dianaka: Artisan Stonemason



A stark contrast to what tends to happen here where credits are heaped upon the Architect alone.


March 2018

Photos: Charles Freger