AIM Altitude

Aircraft Cabin Interiors Manufacturer

What we do:

AIM Altitude designs and builds the components that create the look, feel and function of aircraft cabin interiors.

Elements like galleys, hospitality areas and storage facilities.

For an airline to create its own identity and experience, you cannot style the exterior of an aeroplane like you can motorcar since the majority of passenger aircraft come from either Boeing or Airbus.

So airlines create an identity and passenger experience by installing different interior treatments. With the latest long-haul flights, airlines understand all too well the need for a more pleasurable in-flight experience for passengers.

And that’s where AIM Altitude comes in.

AIM has been making aircraft interiors since the 1940s. Today the team produces innovative designs incorporating effect lighting, photographic décor, hi-tech and natural materials, offering airlines interior components that set them apart from their competitors.

AIM started as a military Aircraft interior supplier and to this day also supplies panelwork, workstations, doors, racking and other interior structures using hi-tech materials for military aircraft and helicopters.

The interior team is supported by a composites division which researches and develops innovative materials and finishes. It is these composites that allow new lightweight forms to be created with exceptional strength.

Why we do it:

For most of us, air travel is the point where we come to experience one of the pinnacles of modern technology. Today’s long haul aircraft are in effect a hotel in the sky guided by an incredibly sophisticated navigation system. You can make a journey, which 200 years ago would have taken six months, in a matter of hours, and exceptional comfort.

AIM works with Airlines to create functional fitments, such as food and drink preparation or stowage for the aircraft cabin which matches the aspirations of the passenger, all set within the confines and safety needs of the airframe.

The results are innovative designs which push the boundaries of materials while reflecting the culture of the airline.

Translating what can start as just a sketch into a manufactured product means a multi-skilled team pulling together and with a large variety of projects, individual tasks regularly switch too. It’s this variety that keeps all the teams stimulated and why everyone values a practical hands-on approach.

There is a real sense of achievement from seeing a completed project leave for installation in an aircraft or for exhibition at an airshow.

And maybe once in a while, someone is lucky enough to be a passenger on-board one of the very aircraft he or she helped fit-out.

The People who do it:

The AIM team has a remarkable mix of skills -

Industrial Designers, Materials Experts, Mechanical Engineers, CAD designers, Production Engineers, Composite Specialists, Toolmakers, CNC machinist, Electrical Engineers, Finish and Coating experts, Safety and Certification Specialists and of course the multiskilled teams that undertake final assembly.

AIM has built a reputation as a place where people work hard, work together, and that the same time have fun and build friendships.

Into the Future:

Air travel is here to stay. It is an essential part of the modern world, allowing us to communicate better, understand other cultures, work internationally, bring families together as well as providing fantastic opportunities for leisure.

The big aircraft manufacturers are always seeking technologies to make travel more eco-friendly and economical, meaning new aircraft are always in the pipeline. And with today's passengers having high expectations of comfort and safety AIM sees its business extending well into the future.

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How to Join Us:

AIM is a great advocate of apprenticeships and has worked in conjunction with its local colleges for many years.

Acknowledging the type of skills that are relevant in its sector the company was instrumental in introducing a new apprenticeship “Mechatronics” in conjunction with Bournemouth and Poole College. Mechatronics combines both electrical and mechanical engineering.

AIM’s apprenticeships have proven incredibly popular, and each year the company takes on around six new apprentices. At the end of their apprenticeship and accompanying college course, the young men and women will be fully-skilled, and NVQ3-qualified, engineers.

To find out how to apply click here. MORE

Who We Work With:

Airline clients include-

Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways, Swissair, China Airlines, Lufthansa, Air New Zealand, Virgin Atlantic, Korean Air, Aeromexico, ELAL

and in the Defence sector-

Airbus, Saab, Embraer, BAE Systems, Leonardo, Honeywell, Raytheon, MD Helicopters.

As with everything in air-travel safety is paramount. Every component that AIM builds must conform to the most stringent safety standards which are set by international safety organisations : FAA, CAA, EASA.

In the Community:

AIM Altitude is a proud sponsor of AFC Bournemouth, and the Premier League Kicks Programme and its offices also participate in various charity fundraising activities.

The Company actively encourages Women in Engineering and Women in STEM support programmes in the local community.


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