Animal Dynamics

Movement analysis

What we do:

At Animal Dynamics they believe that by building on a deep understanding of movement in animals, it is possible create more efficient and powerful systems capable of performance beyond anything currently found in nature or engineering.

To achieve this they research the underlying principles that result in the efficiency and performance of natural systems and marry this with advanced engineering techniques, materials and processes.

In nature, performance and efficiency are an evolutionary necessity. Animals that walk, swim and fly have honed their movement to use as little energy as possible.

Currently the company has three main ongoing projects

Malolo is an water vehicle that uses a flapping foil for propulsion. Flapping foil propulsion has the potential to be more efficient than a propeller, and delivers higher thrust over a greater range of speeds than a propeller can.

Stork is an autonomous UAV unmanned aerial vehicle is an aircraft without a pilot on board that is able to carry large payloads over long distances.

Skeeter is a ground-breaking very small drone with flapping wings designed for covert surveillance. Based on the body of a dragonfly, its flapping wing propulsion maximises efficiency, enables gliding and is able to overcome gusts of wind.

Why we do it:

What motivates the AD team is a drive to create original and worthwhile solutions to real problems.  To realise designs that will disrupt industries and technical approaches that have long been taken for granted.

Animal Dynamics believes that more efficient systems will create change in a good way, by building machines that can do more with less energy.

Finding alternative sources of fuel is essential for our future.  Equally important are alternative systems of movement that use fuel more efficiently.

Analysing natural systems brings us closer to an understanding of nature, and an appreciation of the extraordinary precision and elegance of animal movement.

The People who do it:


The team is youthful, energetic, with an overriding sense of curiosity. The work they do can only be achieved by pushing aside conventional thought.

Recent developments in computational analysis have allowed the A-D team to evaluate the movements of study animals with exceptional precision and levels of understanding and this in turn has enabled them to build models that aid their research further.

The approach is not to make mechanical versions of animals found in nature; but rather to examine the fundamental principles behind nature's designs.



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How to Join Us:

As a small, young business Animal Dynamics only recruits as and when openings arise.

If you are fascinated by the innovation that drives the AD work and believe you have theright skills keep checking HERE.  

Who We Work With:

DASA - Defence and Security Accelerator

We Robotics 

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