Anstee Coil Technology

Coil Winding

What we do:

Anstee makes copper wire coils. These, rarely seen components are critical elements inside millions of products like loudspeakers, vacuum cleaners, food mixers, electric trains, wind turbines, ships, power tools, motor cars, power stations, anything requiring an electrical motor or the generation of electricity.

Without coils, none of these would work.

Coils can also be used to create high-energy magnetic fields for specialist scientific and medical equipment. The thickness gauge of wire, the number of windings, their shape and of course size all make a difference. Coils may look static, but the moment an electrical current passes through the copper wires, magnetic power comes into play. Conversely, the moment they move electricity is generated. So next time you see a large wind turbine, or you hear of someone whose illness has been diagnosed following an MRI scan give a thought to the copper coils that are essential to making them function.

Why we do it:

Whilst Anstee may be may not be publicly recognised its team knows all too well the importance of its products to society.

Without electrical power modern life would quickly grind to a halt.

Secure delivery of electricity is crucial and in future mankind must do this using renewable energy sources more and more. To meet this demand Astee has a range of coils specically designed for wind-power generation equipment around the globe.

The People who do it:

The Anstee team brings together design expertise, specialist machinery and highly-skilled craftsmanship to create high-spec, precision products.

Anstee’s coils come in all manner of shapes and sizes, with a growing focus on bespoke designs. Theses are coils designed, prototyped and skilfully manufactured to our customer’s exact specifications at production facilities in the UK, China and Mexico. The team is justly proud of its unique skills to create complex or over-size coils for high-tech equipment.

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How to Join Us:

Anstee offers in-house training on all aspects of coil winding and loom assemblies for Apprentices. With facilities at 3 sites this training can extend across UK, China or Mexico.

Who We Work With:

Clients include; ABB, Krohne, Siemens, Emerson, Essex, Rea, Habia Cable, Lapp Tannehill, Delgao IOT, McCrometer, Onicon, Yokogawa.   All photographs by AnsteeCoil