Benham Engineering

Precision CNC component manufacturer

What we do:

In today's world of high technology, all products are a sophisticated assembly of smaller parts. So whether it's a ship, aeroplane, motorcar, mobile phone or your boiler, it will be an assembly of dozens of components which were made by other companies - called subcontractors.

Your smartphone is an assembly of sub contactors' pieces of glass, integrated circuits, batteries, connectors, casework components and other tiny parts all carefully assembled into one compact unit.

Benham is a subcontractor specialising in machining highly complex precision metal components. Typically the parts go into aircraft and defence equipment.

For most of us looking at them, it would be difficult to even guess at what their function was.  But each one is critical to the function of a machine, engine or system.  If it fails, there can be a huge impact.


Why we do it:

Benham is trusted to deliver components that are exceptionally accurate and use carefully specified metals depending on their strength requirements and function.

Taking what starts out as a raw block of metal and transforming it into a complex, precision machined, component, made to incredibly high tolerances, is a rewarding task.

The results are incredibly precise metal sculptures, often so obscure in form that it's hard for a lay person to know what they are for and why.

The components Benham make end up deep inside an aircraft, ship, or some specialised piece of military equipment.

Wherever they may be fitted, accuracy and performance are critical with lives often depending upon them.

The People who do it:

Benham may have built a reputation for investing in the very latest machines and CAD systems, but machines only work to their maximum when correctly programmed.

It’s here that the designers and technical operators come into their own, and it is their skills that are essential to produce components that match the quality and finish expected in the high-tech sector in which they work.

With software and programs regularly upgraded, the company invests time and effort in ensuring the whole team keeps abreast of changes through both in-house and off-site training.

Into the Future:

The team believes that Britain's future lies in its high-technology and advanced engineering; a belief now being endorsed by government investment in the sector.

Our Engineers include:

Skilled CNC operators, 3D CAD engineers.


AS9100 accredited

Chapel Lane Southampton SO40 9AH
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How to Join Us:

In addition to general recruitment, Benham offers an apprentice scheme in conjunction with a local college to encourage young, bright engineers into the industry.

Every apprentice receive training on every machine in the facility and gains substantial experience that leads to opportunities to grow within the organisation.

Many Benham employees started as apprentices and have remained with the company since.


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