Beverston Engineering

Precision Engineers

What we do:

Nearly every high-tech manufacturing company relies on specialist subcontractors to create the many parts that go together to form a finished product.

Beverston Engineering is a company that prototypes and makes components for other companies in the aircraft, oil & gas and pharmaceutical sectors.

It specialises in metal components machined to a very high degree of accuracy.

Safety and precision are absolutely critical in these industries. Knowing precisely what metal is used, where it came from, which machine was utilised, what cutters were used, who was the operator, when it was made - everything must be recorded. That's called traceability.

It's insurance to ensure that if a component fails the reason why that occurred can be traced. You can imagine that if an aircraft crashes knowing what caused the problem is extremely important.

Into the Future:

Beverston is confident that with steady investment in technology and most importantly, its people, that the skills and business attitude they offer will continue to be in demand for the foreseeable future.

All businesses face challenges, but there is a confidence that as a small team, they can adapt as markets change and new technologies come on stream.


Approved to AS9100 Rev D and BS EN ISO 9001

Penrhyn Road Prescot L34 9AB
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How to Join Us:

As well as having occasional opportunities for those with experience Beverston has a long history of supporting Apprenticeships.

If you're really interested in this type of career then the team are always delighted to hear from you.

The Apprentice Scheme, run in conjunction with St Helens College or Knowsley College provides a solid foundation for a career in Engineering.


Who We Work With:

Clients include:

United Technologies Corporation, Rolls Royce - Controls and Data Services, Pattonair, ChargePoint Technology

In the Community:

Beverston Engineering recognises the importance of building and maintaining relationships with local schools and colleges.

It offers students from Liverpool’s newest studio school, Studio@Deyes, the opportunity to gain experience of precision engineering and the skills required to succeed in the industry.



Photos and videos by Beverston Engineering, St. Helens College, Knowsley Council, MTD CNC.