Bremont Watch

Luxury Watchmaker

What we do:

Bremont makes luxury mechanical watches.

Handbuilt in limited numbers its products are immensely precise, reliable and durable.

A Bremont watch is designed for those who share a passion for the innovation and mastery behind a mechanical wristwatch.

Britain has a proud history when it comes to watchmaking being the home in the 18c to more innovative advances in time-telling than any other nation. The first great innovator was Thomas Tompion (the Father of English clockmaking ) and then came Thomas Mudge who invented the lever escape mechanism which is still used in mechanical watches today.

And finally, John Harrison who solved the problem of accurately telling the time at sea, which is why we have Greenwich Mean Time as the reference for world time-keeping.

Bremont is continuing that heritage.

Why we do it:

Bremont watches combine aesthetics, performance and accuracy in something very personal- you wear it every day.

Creating these refined pieces of engineering and seeing them come from raw metal to the finished working article is very rewarding. And we know that our customers take great pride in wearing and using what we make.

When you make something you feel productive, and when you create that something with your hands, it fosters a great sense of pride and satisfaction.

The People who do it:

Bremont was founded in 2002 by brothers Nick and Giles English.

With a team of around 120 the company is small enough to know everyone and where they fit within the roles, yet big enough to have established a world reputation.

Into the Future:

All Bremont watches are designed and assembled at the Henley workshop. While the company currently imports some parts, the aim is to make as much of the product as possible here in the United Kingdom.

By investing in the very latest technology and with the skills of a dedicated team of engineers, Bremont sees no reason to believe that this cannot be achieved.

Great Britain has a proud history when it comes to watchmaking being the home to more advances in horology than any other nation. Bremont is determined to play a pivotal role in the reinvigoration of this industry on British shores.


Our Engineers include:

CNC machinists, Swiss trained watchmakers, Product Designers, Graphic Designers, graduates with a degree in Horology.

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How to Join Us:

As a fast-growing business, Bremont is always looking for talented people to join the team.

If you have a fascination for watches and are interested in a career at Bremont, please follow the link. MORE


Who We Work With:

Bremont has worked in partnership with a number of companies and organisations to create special ranges.

These include:

Martin-Baker, Jaguar Cars, Boeing Company, the Invictus Games, British Airways, the Navy Heritage Trust, Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, and various sports people and adventurers.


In the Community:

Bremont has joined the JET Blue Skies programme in Oxfordshire, which focuses on employability skills and work experience. Students from the area will have the opportunity to see first-hand the team skills required to run a precision watch business. From the manufacturing and assembly through to marketing and selling. A chance to appreciate the skills necessary should they wish to join the team.


Photos and videos by Bremont Watch and Hodinkee Magazine