Buro Happold

Civil Engineering & Built Environment Consultancy


What we do:

Buro Happold is a renowned civil engineering consultancy of nearly 2,000 employees working in 24 offices around the world. For 40 years they’ve been recognised for delivering creative, quality led buildings and infrastructure often exploring radically new materials and processes. The team works on a vast range of projects transforming ideas into buildings and structures that meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

In collaboration with the world's most respected architects, they turn visions into reality.

As a multiskilled Engineering practice, BH teams ensure buildings are structurally stable, perform ecologically, work for every type of user, and of course fit aesthetically within their site. They design and oversee the construction of offices, schools, hospitals, theatres, arenas, airports, universities, railway stations, houses, factories, ports, bridges and townscapes. Places that millions of people around the world want to work in, pass through, experience, or just enjoy. And the chances are that you will visit one of their buildings at some stage.

Why we do it:

Taking what starts as an idea and transforming it into reality is a challenging but gratifying experience for everyone involved.

Significant buildings do more than just exist they can inspire, are uplifting, create a sense of wonder and well-being.

They can transform the way we work and interact. They touch us both physically and emotionally. They move us both physically and emotionally; they live and breathe as we live and breathe. But to do so, they must firstly function, be robust, structurally sound, and, of course, be safe. This requires exceptionally skilled engineers working and interacting as a close team. The sectors of engineering in which Buro Happold teams operate are fast changing as new materials evolve and structural opportunities are discovered. Keeping abreast of these changes and maximising their potential is what its engineers thrive on. And with no building or project they work ever being the same each day brings with it fresh challenges.  

The People who do it:

As a people-centred company, its senior partners recognise all too well that the value of their business lies in people.

"Our people are, without a doubt, our greatest asset. While we may utilise cutting edge technology, it is ideas and innovations that set our projects apart."

In consequence, the practice thrives on being much more than just a nice place to work, placing great emphasis on the social side of each office too. There are forums and communities to participate in, running clubs and lunchtime lectures, the Young Engineers Forum and Share our Skills programme. With 23 offices around the world, they offer engineers the opportunity of working in many different countries with diverse cultures and multicultural teams.

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How to Join Us:

Buro Happold offers a range of specialist opportunities to students every year.



The Graduate Programmes offer a real step into a life-long career in engineering and consulting. Graduates learn the fundamentals of design and technology while building a base in consulting and professional skills - a mixture of classroom and online learning supplements, both technical and professional skills development. The introduction of the My Career Plan and Objectives is a demonstration of the commitment to support young people and tailor career prospects for everyone.  


Industrial placements

A number of the specialist teams at Buro Happold offer Industrial Placements. These are available to current university students on a course, including a year in industry as part of their degree. They offer the chance to work on real-life projects, learning, and contributing to exceptional engineering projects around the world.  


Summer placements

For students currently at university, Summer Placements are offered as an insight to the working world and a springboard into a future career at Buro Happold. 60% of their Graduates first joined us as Interns.  


Work experience

A one-week structured programme for those studying towards GCSE and A levels to introduces young, aspiring students to the commercial environment.  The week exposes them to many aspects of the company, from engineering design projects to finance and marketing.   Find out MORE


Who We Work With:

Buro Happold's clients range from private individuals, large corporations, regional bodies through to national governments. They operate in 23 locations worldwide because that's where its clients are located.



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