Colebrook Bosson Saunders

Manufacture of ergonomic IT equipment

What we do:

Colebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS) believes passionately in designing ergonomic solutions that create space & comfort in workplace environments.

Human-centred design is at the heart of everything they do.

They believe in creating minimalist solutions that are sympathetic to their environment and adapts the technology to the user's physical requirements, not the other way around—a desire to create the new and to be the first in everything we do.

This is reflected in industry firsts from; Wishbone, the world’s first flat screen monitor arm, to Ollin, the world’s first dynamic monitor arm that supports weights up to 9kg.

Why we do it:

For countless people, around the world, our job requires us to be seated work with a computer at a desk for extended periods.

However, days spent primarily sedentary are putting us at risk of chronic pain, musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, all of which impact on our long-term health.

Our bones hold us up, our joints link our bones, our muscles move the bones around the joints, and our nerves facilitate control of the whole. The key to good posture is correct joint alignment, but muscle activity, balance and nerves are all part of the picture.

Enabling humans to interact with technology ergonomically and efficiently sits at the core of the CBS design principles.

The People who do it:

The in house CBS Design team consists of multiple nationalities working together as a close-knit team.

This collaborative approach and sharing of design influences drives each team member to higher levels of achievement, producing a portfolio of award-winning products.

The relaxed environment belies a team motived by the idea of creating designs with real benefits to millions of people at work around the world.


35 Union Street London SE1 1SD
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How to Join Us:

As a company that is expanding globally, CBS are always looking for innovative and motivated people, problem solvers who can work well in a team and who can make a real positive impact.

If you believe you have the skills and experience required and you would like to apply for one of our vacancies, or if you simply wish to send us your CV to keep on record check the link to find out MORE.

Who We Work With:

CBS products feature in the workplaces of significant companies worldwide - Heathrow Airport, Etihad Airways, HSBC, Exxon, NYSE, Diageo, BBC, Microsoft, Deloitte, to name but a few.

In the Community:

CBS is part of the Herman Miller Group.


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