High Performance Wheels

What we do:

Dymag is performance wheel brand that has led the way in wheel design and technology for more than four decades.

It was the first company in the world to manufacture carbon fibre wheels for both high-performance cars and motorcycles certified for both road and racing use.

Carbon fibre benefits are enormous;  a leading sportscar manufacturer estimates a Carbon Hybrid wheel is typically 40% lighter than an equivalent cast aluminium wheel.

With the technology now proven, Dymag is ready to scale up production to offer its technology to the general car industry. The wheels are incredibly strong yet lightweight, creating a significant carbon footprint advantage in terms of fuel economy and, in the case of electric vehicles, in range per full charge.

Why we do it:

The Dymag team are excited by the sense that they are pushing the boundaries of this new material.

When their wheels give riders or drivers the edge to win competitions there is a fulfilling sense of pride that the team have been a factor in the success.

The next stage is about refining the technology making it available to to a much bigger section of society. The aim is for wheels that are lighter, make car travel more energy efficient, and fundamentally be much more eco-friendly than current aluminium wheels.

The People who do it:

You get a sense that a passion for cars and motorsports drives the Dymag crew.

As a relatively small team, everyone has an essential part to play in developing composite technology. Flexibility and cooperation are crucial as the processes evolve at a fast pace.  

But it isn't just about making wheels. There are plenty of chances to visit motorsport events and see the products in action, hopefully giving drivers and riders a winning edge.

Into the Future:

The buzz in the automotive industry has been about electric vehicles and the need to decrease weight to increase efficiency and performance.

While carbon fibre technology is in its relative infancy when it comes to car and bike wheels, Dymag believes that there is a great future for its products.

After thorough testing on high-performance cars and motorcycles, the technology is now moving into mainstream vehicle production,

While present wheels are produced in hundreds per month, the next stage is to scale up to thousands per month.

This planned increase will also drive prices down rapidly, bringing them towards economic viability for all passenger vehicles.

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How to Join Us:

Dymag is growing with a need for talented individuals with experience, including Composites Engineers, CAD Engineers and CAM Engineers.

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Who We Work With:

Dymag’s aftermarket wheels are fitted to vehicle brands including Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Lamborghini and JLR’s Jaguar F-Type.


Development has been assisted by the UK National Composites Centre, the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative. 



Photos and videos by Dymag and Baron von Grumble