Ferno UK

Patient Handling and Transport equipment

What we do:

Ferno UK is a subsidiary the Ferno Group, an American company making equipment for the emergency medical services or EMS.

Its products help ambulance, paramedic and rescue teams transport patients, or gets them to safety, quickly and comfortably. 

Equipment like patient trolleys, ambulance cots, incubator transporters, emergency stretchers, immobilisation stretchers, rescue equipment, stair chairs and ambulance fit-out equipment.

With its head office in Wilmington Ohio, the company sells its products across the world through subsidiaries in Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia, Asia, Australia, Japan as well as the United Kingdom.

While the basic engineering of its products remains the same, each region has its particular requirements. For instance, ambulance sizes differ, patient sizes may differ, height requirements may need to be considered, the type of helicopters used to rescue will change. It is the responsibility of each of these local subsidiaries to work with their national hospitals and emergency services to find out their exact requirements and how the Ferno product can be adapted.

Why we do it:

Working in emergency services is a stressful occupation with a huge responsibility. You're always concerned about saving lives through getting the ill, injured and infirm to a safe place as quickly as possible.

Ambulance and Rescue teams rely on equipment that works efficiently every time. For the patient, it's about feeling you are in safe hands and as comfortable as possible.

It is this knowledge that keeps the Ferno team motivated. There is an underlying understanding that the products the group develops, makes and services are doing their bit in helping the emergency services around the world function.

The People who do it:

The Ferno team is a mix of product experts, researchers, design and development engineers, production engineers, service crew members, and sales professionals who are passionate about what they do.


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How to Join Us:

Ferno UK recruits as and when required.

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