Five AI

Autonomous shared transport systems

What we do:

We're building the world's most reliable autonomous vehicle software stack to solve the most difficult problem of all - delivering a solution that's safe in complex urban environments, without any driver involvement. That's defined as the top level in autonomy - 5. Our solution will enable safe, cost-effective urban mobility for all and we'll be announcing our plans to deliver it to consumers in staged deployments across our cities and towns as we grow.

Why we do it:

94% of road accidents are caused by human error.

Our autonomous technology is aware of everything that is happening around it at all times, it never gets distracted and it always obeys the rules of the road.

As the costs associated with vehicle ownership have increased and the pleasure of driving has been negated by traffic congestion, vehicles that drive themselves will free us from the six working weeks we waste every year stuck in traffic, all for a fraction of what we currently spend.

Autonomous mobility promises to stem the declining access to public transport.

Marginal and loss-making routes will become viable without subsidy and those in society that are most in need of access to services will be connected.

Recent research into artificial intelligence has made autonomous technology possible. Our highly experienced team of engineers are building on this research to implement the complex software brain of tomorrow's autonomous vehicles.

This software must be robust in all potential mobility environments and situations; being aware of other road users likely actions before they happen, and ensuring that vehicles powered by our software drive just as other road users would expect.

We provide this software for use by mobility service market participants from vehicle OEMs to transportation operators.

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How to Join Us:

We are looking for exceptional individuals to build our vision, to shape, develop and validate our world changing software and to deliver it into the most exciting market for ML and AAL.

Aside from a good market salary and benefits including private health cover, and the possibility of company pension contributions comes a rare opportunity to acquire start-up stock options in a future global leader.

So if you are a self-starting, high energy engineer, computer scientist, mathematician or physical scientist and want to play your part in shaping the future we love to hear from you. MORE