Sheet Metal Fabricators

What we do:

Greenfield Engineering makes products for other companies.

Its products are focused around sheet steel construction and include office furniture, vending machines, shelving systems, lighting units, shop displays, electronics enclosures, to name a few.

Starting from the raw sheet, Greenfield's engineers cut, fold, punch and profile, bend and weld steel into the main components. Then comes coating and painting before the final assembly takes place.

In some cases, the Greenfield team produces a fully finished product in what's called a turnkey project - this means they take a client's idea and turn it into a finished product. In other cases, they'll produce a component which then gets shipped to the client’s assembly facilities.

The company uses the latest computer-controlled machines, but before anything can be made, there is the crucial stage of detailing the design using 3D CAD and production planning.

No matter how high the investment in technology, the ability to understand what machines can do, and how to program them are crucial. Teamwork involving the production engineers and the designers is essential at this stage.

Why we do it:

While the team at Greenfield Engineering may always be working in sheet steel, the projects they get involved in vary considerably; each differing in scale and complexity to keep them on their toes. It's this variety that keeps everyone stimulated.

The products they help build play a valuable part in keeping society working.

You probably don't notice them on a day-to-day basis, but they are in the background ensuring that life functions safely and efficiently.

Seeing a batch of products leave the factory is very satisfying. "We've done our bit for society."

The People who do it:

When tackling complex projects, it is only teamwork that can deliver engineering solutions.

The policy has always been to invest heavily in the newest machinery, but no machine works without being told what to do, and that's where the skills of the team are crucial.

Ongoing training, to make sure everyone is up to date with the latest technologies is available on site or at specialist training courses, and this also encourages personal development.


Into the Future:

The Greenfield business has grown and flourished in the 30 years since it started.

With continued investment in the latest technology along with ongoing training in our people, they believe the company will continue to grow as a business that stands out from the competition.


ISO 9001: 2015 Quality

ISO 14001 Environment

OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety

Zero waste to Landfill

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How to Join Us:

For opportunities for those with experience check out the current vacancies link, with a guide for how to apply. MORE 


The Greenfield management team is passionate about apprenticeships and in turn, creating engineers and future decision-makers of the business. They offer a range of different levels of mechanical engineering apprenticeships dependant on academic qualifications, carried out on day release at Petroc College studying towards either a level 2 or level 3 accompanied by a work-based NVQ qualification.

The company sees apprenticeships as a direct investment in its future success, so a training co-ordinator works closely with the apprentices and college to develop their skills and maximise their career progression.

Work Experience

Greenfield is keen to encourage young people in the local area into an Engineering career. They happily offer weekly work experience placements to secondary school students.

The week-long program provides insight into both sheet metal manufacturing and engineering roles such as CAD Design and Production/Material Planning. Upon completion, the student(s) will receive a Certification of Achievement, detailing the areas where they have gained experience.



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