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Structural Engineers


What we do:

Structural engineering is a specialist area within Civil engineering.

These engineers focus on the structure of a framework or building, and on designing those structures to be safe, stable, and secure. In other words, structural engineers make sure that buildings don't fall and bridges don't collapse.

Structural engineering is among the oldest types of engineering, dating right back to when humankind first lashed together branches with vines to make a shelter.

In the 21st Century, structural engineers have a whole raft of materials which they must fully understand, such as concrete, steel, wood, masonry, alloys and sophisticated modern composite's.

Some structural engineers focus on buildings and bridges while others find their skills applied to pipelines, tunnels, vehicles, ships, aircraft and spacecraft.

The team at Heyne Tillett Steel specialises in the structure of buildings.  To date, it's primarily been office, commercial and education buildings.

Why we do it:

HTS has set itself the goal of being at forefront of structural analysis and technical excellence.

The wide variety of projects the team undertakes demands an ability to create designs to the individual needs of every project.

That means keeping well up to date with new materials, production processes and building methods.

It is this challenge alongside working with excellent architects, construction teams and clients that want the best for their projects that keep us all stimulated daily.

The People who do it:

HTS has a reputation as a vibrant, energetic bunch of individuals, hard-working and passionate about what they do and the buildings they help create.

As a practice, they enjoy the process of understanding buildings and their history.

Energy and time is invested in all projects to research the existing sites and buildings they work on. As an extension of this philosophy,  the whole office goes abroad each summer to explore the architecture and structures of a different European city.

The Technical staff meet regularly to discuss projects as part of their personal, professional development, and project-related training is part of the everyday working environment.

A recent example of this have been workshops sharing the research and knowledge gained from projects using structural timber


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How to Join Us:

HTS are always interested to hear from enthusiastic graduates or those with several years experience under their belt.

If you are well qualified, passionate about building structures and feel you would fit in with their philosophy, get in touch.

There isn't always a job waiting, but they do keep a good record of the people who make contact.

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Who We Work With:

Heyne Tillett Steel works alongside some of the UK's most respected architectural practices and clients. Click here for a full LIST.



In the Community:

HTS are keenly aware of the impact of their working lives has on the environment, whether on a day-to-day level where over a third of staff travel to and from work by bicycle, or with the significant construction works which we specify.

As people in a position to do something about this, they consequently incorporate measures which ensure embodied carbon is minimised, without adversely affecting the architectural design and commercial viability of the proposals.


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