Construction and Agricultural Machines


What we do:

JCB is one of the most distinctive brands in the World. Its name has become a noun - for fantastic innovation, hardworking, reliable products, strength and first choice in many markets.

JCB is one of the world's top three manufacturers of construction equipment, and while most people associate the name with the ‘digger’, it actually makes around 300 different products.

Wherever there's a need to lift, push, dig, grip, reach and carry in the construction and farming industries, JCB makes a machine for it.

Machines that puts enormous power in the hands of the driver operator, and do it with great safety too.

Why we do it:

Engineering changes lives.

JCB's machines have transformed the way farmers manage their land and livestock. They make farming more efficient and safer, resulting in more abundant foods and healthier animals.

Its' machines have transformed the building and construction industries in recent years. Landscaping and digging tasks that not so long ago would have involved hours of backbreaking work can now be undertaken safely in a fraction of the time.

And it has helped create a better environment and safer roads for people to enjoy around the world.

Taking what starts as a sketch idea, or a customer's request and developing it through concept and prototype stages into a mass-produced piece of equipment is a challenging yet highly rewarding exercise.

The whole team gets a massive buzz from seeing a product launched at trade fairs resulting in orders that will keep the production lines flowing for years to come.

It underlines the fact that users around the world have appreciated all those hours of work. 

The People who do it:

JCB employs around 12,000 people, has 18 factories, on four continents, and it continues to grow each year.

Teamwork has become central to everything that JCB does.

"You can see it exercised in our open-plan offices, the way everyone feels part of the machine, the contribution everyone makes to our success, no matter how small, and the way we grow and nurture our talent. Teamwork is core to our way of working and something that everyone can contribute to."

JCB believes that the workplace is not just somewhere that you do a job, it's a place where people make a significant contribution, develop as individuals, work as a team, build friendships, and have fun.

These values have formed the company ethos since its earliest days and is probably why so many employees stay for so long.

Into the Future:

While they have been hugely successful in developing and making machines to be sold in many countries, there remain vast opportunities.

Exploring how electric power can play its part in our products - creating machines that will help Third World countries develop their agriculture -  developing new systems to solve construction challenges as building techniques evolve - using electronics and artificial intelligence to guide our machinery.

These are just some of the challenges the creative teams might well be addressing.

Our Engineers include:

Talented engineers are the lifeblood of JCB’s business. Its engineers are world-class innovators and problem-solvers as has been proven by the success of the products.

JCB looks for candidates who show a real ‘can do’ attitude and can demonstrate a passionate interest in their area of the business.

You will need to be a logical thinker with a ‘hands-on’ approach to problem-solving.

Based at some of the best-equipped research facilities across the globe, JCB  engineers design machines, engines and systems that make it a powerhouse of industry, and with so many aspects to the product range, the breadth of engineering covered is extensive.

There are specialists in mechanical engineers, structural engineering, power systems, electrical engineering, materials, production systems, electronics, artificial intelligence, hardware, software, lighting, agriculture, hydraulics, pneumatics, energy efficiency, chemical engineering, industrial designers, ergonomists.

Whatever type of engineering you have studied there could a place for you JCB.

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How to Join Us:

JCB has built a reputation as a great place to work. Work that is challenging and exciting but at the same time, fun and fulfilling.

As a company that has grown organically, the importance of training and guidance for employees is well understood. JCB prides itself on the investment it makes in practice and aims to ensure you’ll learn from the best people, be well rewarded and enjoy a career that’s going places.


As a JCB Apprentice, you'll do a real job alongside experienced professionals and get paid for it. This is far more than an alternative to university: it’s a chance to prove yourself within a company that’s famous all over the world.

Whether you have studied for GCSEs or A-Levels, you'll find apprenticeships can open up a world of opportunities for you; they usually take between 2 to 3.5 years to complete depending on the level.

Graduate Scheme

The JCB Engineering Graduate Scheme is designed to harness & nurture your newly gained skills and University qualifications in Engineering.

The 16-month scheme enables graduates to work on real engineering projects to develop an understanding of how JCB products work, as well as gain commercial acumen.

JCB looks for candidates who have a ‘hands-on’ approach and are passionate about the JCB ethos.

Candidates who wish to apply must be near to or have completed an appropriate engineering bachelors or master’s degree and must be on track to secure a 2:1 or higher.


In the Community:

As a company that firmly believes in the importance of manufacturing to create products that are both socially valuable and generate income for the nation, it founded the JCB Academy, the first of a brand-new kind of school, for learners aged 13 to 18 with interest in engineering and business.

Working alongside other businesses including

Bentley Motors, Network Rail and Rolls-Royce

the JCB Academy provides a world-class educational experience specifically designed to ensure young people achieve top grades and develop the fundamental skills essential for success in the world of work.

Local communities are vital to the quality-of-life of employees and their families. JCB supports local schools with charity events and fundraising or by supplying sports and educational equipment.

As a business founded on understanding the needs of farmers, local rural community charities are also particularly dear to its heart.


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