Sheet Metal Engineers

What we do:

KMF is an OEM manufacturer, meaning it makes products for other companies.

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and in today's high-tech world this is commonplace. For instance, Apple designs its products in California, but as it says on the back, they all made and assembled in China by a separate company.

KMF manufactures for a broad range of companies in the United Kingdom.

Its products are focused around sheet steel construction.

They include aircraft seats, vending machines, scanning systems for airports, check out systems for supermarkets, specialist food manufacturing devices to name but a few. In some cases, KMF will produce a fully finished product in what's called a turnkey project.

This means taking a client's idea and turning it into a finished product delivered to a customer on their behalf. In other cases, they will produce a component which then gets shipped to the client’s assembly facilities.

Why we do it:

KMF works on an exceptionally broad range of projects, each one requiring collaborative input. It is this variety that keeps the team stimulated. There is a huge sense of achievement in taking what starts out as a simple sketch or idea being transformed it into a real working product. Satisfaction too comes from seeing the assembly line in full swing and finished products leaving the factory for installation. KMF for is playing its part in your day-to-day lives doing just that little bit to make it safer, more efficient, or producing the cup of coffee that makes the motorway journey just a touch more pleasant.

The People who do it:

In the first stages, designers and project managers will use 3D CAD to develop design ideas working alongside the client.

Teamwork involving the production engineers and the designers is essential.

A lot of time is spent evaluating the way of making the product and using the KMF production facilities to their very best. Once the design has been settled  responsibility passes over to the production team. Using computer-controlled machines wherever possible, the modern steel assembly plant is clean and automated and always take ultimate care to make it as safe as possible for every employee. Starting from the raw sheet, they will cut, fold, punch and profile, bend and weld steel into housings and structures. Then come coating and painting before the final assembly takes place. Electronic components are installed, controls or touchscreens fitted, all connected up using wiring looms. After thorough checks, the final product leaves the factory for installation around the country.


ACCREDITATIONS AND APPROVALS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management ISO 14001Environmental Standard ISO 9100 Aerospace OSHAS 18001 Health and Safety Standard Welding Approvals to BS EN ISO15614 Operator Approvals to BS EN ISO9606 Welding Visual Inspection to CSWIP 3.0 Internal Welding Coordinator to CSWIP 3.1

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How to Join Us:

KMF has over 500 full-time staff at factories located in the UK and Slovakia which operate seven days a week.


The company is very keen to encourage young people into both engineering and other STEM Careers. For this reason, they offer weekly work experience placements to local secondary school & higher education students. The week-long program provides insight into both sheet metal manufacturing and engineering roles such as CAD Design & Planning. MORE.


Over the years KMF has learnt the value of supporting and encouraging the young to join its team.  It offers a range of metal fabrication apprenticeships, which are carried out in-house at its own EAL approved Training Centre. Click here for MORE.  

Ready Skilled

If however you already have experience and are looking for a job in a business which invests heavily in its people, then explore the current KMF vacancies HERE.  

In the Community:

KMF has worked closely with schools to promote the exciting opportunities available to young people in engineering through its own KMF Young Engineer of The Year (YEOTY) initiative. Over the years YEOTY has reached more than 22,000 students, worked with over 25 high schools and, through KMF and other local sponsors, invested over £650,000 in encouraging young people to take up a career engineering and STEM projects.   Photos and videos by KMF and EAL