Petford Mouldings

Plastic Moulding and Toolmaking

What we do:

Petford is one of the U.K.'s leading toolmakers and injection moulders.

Its primary focus is on large mouldings for the automotive industry where both dimensional accuracy and cosmetic finish are critical.

Using the latest CAD systems and a highly skilled team, they offer the ability to send and receive complex data files directly, modelling concepts in 3D CAD, digitising the information wherever possible to simplify manufacturing techniques.

Along the way, they nearly always create a 3D printed component to allow all details to be checked and agreed.

Once a design is signed off, it's over to the Petford toolmakers to transfer the data into a massive steel moulding tool.

Often these are highly complex with a number of moving parts, and all the time there is the need to understand the flow of plastic, and how the rate of cooling can affect the final form and accuracy of the component. Knowledge that has been built up over years of experience.

Why we do it:

Everyone has to admit there's a real buzz and sense of satisfaction in seeing mouldings developed and made come together on a finished product, and a car in particular.

As a well-known marque passes by team members can say with pride -

“We helped make that!”


The People who do it:

Although Petford uses advanced production systems, those self-same systems are nothing without the skills and experience of both designers and technicians at the top of their game.

Transforming what starts as a concept through to a fully finished component requires the combined efforts of a dedicated team.

Pushing technical boundaries requires adaptability and flexibility on the part of the whole team to achieve the desired result.


Into the Future:

The automotive world is probably the fastest-changing industry, and it’s imperative to keep abreast of new processes, industry trends and consumer expectations.

Looking to the future, the importance of lighter and more recyclable products become ever more critical as governments introduce new legislation regarding fuel efficiency and recyclable materials.

With new materials coming online, modern styling in fashion, and new ecological and structural solutions in demand, what was acceptable yesterday is questioned today.

The Petford team aims to stay right at the forefront of this dynamic industry as plastics play an ever-growing role.


IATF 16949:2016

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 4191:2015



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How to Join Us:

As well as seeking experienced new team members as openings arise, Petford has a long history of supporting apprenticeships.

These are run in conjunction with Dudley College and LEMA Academy.



Who We Work With:

Clients inclue : Jaguar Land Rover, JCB


In the Community:

In addition to the Petford Apprenticeships, each month the company gives two young students from Thorns Collegiate Academy 16 hours experience of working alongside its  team members. They gain an insight into the skills and rewards that a career in engineering has to offer and hopefully sow seeds for their future.

The company actively supports the Made in the Midlands initiatives.




Photos and videos by Petford Group and Land Rover