Reaction Engines

Propulsion Systems and Space Travel

What we do:

The Space Industry has, for many years, been the domain of government and defence projects.  Putting satellites and probes into orbit and beyond has been a complex and expensive exercise as a rocket to put a payload into space can only be used once.

But that's all starting to change as the space industry moves into the commercial sector.

To make it all the more viable however we need new power sources which are economical and commercially practical. Reusable launchers have been the dream of every space engineer since the first orbital rocket in 1957. And that's where Reaction Engines comes in.

At Reaction Engines, they are working to build the world's most powerful engines, which will power future air travel.

The RE team is pushing the very boundaries of engineering and technology to build the world’s most powerful engines, which will power aircraft into space or across the globe at 3000 mph.

Why we do it:

Humankind has this irrepressible urge to discover, to learn, to progress and space is the new territory.

Already the Space Industry has radically changed communications and made many scientific discoveries. But future missions we must be done in a way that is both economically and ecologically conscious - rockets are a very inefficient method of getting into space.

That is why the team at Reaction Engines sees itself as being a vital player in this hugely ambitious plan.

It is a journey where each component designed, and every milestone hit brings operational spaceplanes just a step closer.



The People who do it:

The team at Reaction Engines is a mix of the very brightest minds with huge range of skills, personalities and experience.

To achieve the ambitious goals that have been set, there is a constant need for innovation testing, refining and re-testing. It's essential to continually try new ideas and accept the ups and downs of technical development - not the type of work for people who like routine.

It is hard work but with it comes a wealth of social activities and camaraderie. There are regular company events, and for those who wish to keep in shape there is a sports centre offering tennis, softball tournaments, a running club and more.

Into the Future:

Spaceports and space planes are the future, and the UK is at the very centre of this technology.

Soon we can have space planes going to and from orbit, putting new forms of satellites in position, doing research, and creating an exhilarating tourist industry.

Research Engines sees its technology as being a core factor in making all this possible. There are still significant technical challenges to be overcome, but all involved are optimistic that through amazing skills, technological innovation and most importantly, teamwork what seems like imagination today will be realised tomorrow

Our Engineers include:

The team at Reaction Engines includes

Aerospace engineers, Mechanical engineers, Structural engineers, Physicists, Electronics engineers, Programmers, Software engineers,  Spaceflight technologists, Cryogenics experts, Aeronautical engineeers,  Astronautical engineers, Chemists, Precision engineers and more.

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How to Join Us:

Reaction Engines needs a rare and highly specialised skill set. Not surprising then that the company invests hugely in time and resources to train all new employees.

So if you are talented and creative in your approach with a passion for space travel the company would love to hear from you.


Graduate Programme

The RE Graduate programme is a 2-year rotational scheme. You’ll have access to a future-focused Learning & Development Framework, take part in team-building activities and have the opportunity to create a network of professional contacts.

Apprenticeship Scheme

RE runs an Advanced Level 3 Apprentice Scheme to ensure its apprentices come out at the cutting edge of engineering and science disciplines. You will be spending time visiting different departments, learning about different areas of an engineering business; with the final part working in a chosen department.

Summer Internship Scheme

The company runs internships for a period of 3 months from June to August.

Work Experience

If you're interested in cutting edge engineering then a Reaction Engines week-long experiences could be for you. Spend an action-packed week in their offices meeting people, experiencing the work and making new friends.

Shadow a range of people to understand more about their roles, ask questions and find out more about career opportunities.

Plus you'll get advice and coaching from the people you work alongside. If it goes well, you'll have the opportunity to apply for our internship or apprenticeship programmes.

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Who We Work With:

BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, Boeing, US Defense Advanced Research Agency, Nammo UK, National Composites Centre, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, UK Space Agency, Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales


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