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Precision Engineers for Aerospace


What we do:

Aircraft are the most complex products in today's high-tech world - a passenger plane is after all a functioning hotel in the sky.

Highly sophisticated structurally, and built to exceptionally precise tolerances they require cutting edge technology throughout. A modern aeroplane, whether passenger or military, is built from thousands of components all required to meet exacting standards and using the highest specification materials. The safety of all who fly in them depends upon it.

Redcliffe Precision is trusted by its Aerospace clients to manufacture high spec metal components which meet these exacting requirements consistently.

So next time you step board an aeroplane just consider that dotted around you may well be parts machined at Redcliffe.

Parts that play an important role in an aircraft's structure.

Why we do it:

Redcliffe has built a reputation for developing ways to effectively manufacture difficult to make, high tolerance components; challenges many customers regularly bring to them.

Solving such challenges, and knowing they are trusted, is their contribution to the global aerospace sector.  

Into the Future:

Aerospace is a business sector in which British skills are at the forefront of global technology - as has been recognised by successive governments.

Redcliffe's policy has been to invest in the most up-to-date machines and systems in order to extend its client base and support their skilled technicians.



QMS is based on the recognized Aerospace standard AS9100 Rev. C.

Thread rolling accreditations include


ABP 2-2333 




JES215 & JES286 

123 South Liberty Lane Bristol BS3
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How to Join Us:

Redcliffe employs over 50 full time staff. As a growing business it strives to deliver career development opportunity to all its employees.

The company's aim is to give all team members the opportunity to work in, and gain experience of, all aspects and technical areas of the business.

Staff members are encouraged to build up their skills and operating knowledge for a range of machines and software through external training.

Although a relatively small company Redcliffe is proud of its active apprenticeship and graduate training programmes, run in partnership with Bristol College and the University of the West of England.


Who We Work With:

Airbus UK

GKN Aerospace

Bombardier – Shorts Belfast

GE Aviation – Hamble

Marshall Aerospace – Cambridge

Agusta Westland

Aerosud – South Africa

Babcock Nuclear Spares Division

Spirit Aerospace



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