Actuator Manufacturer

What we do:

Energy and water are critical to our lives today.

Water to drink, to cleanse, to make food; it is essential to life. Similarly with gas and oil products. Without them transport grinds to a halt, we can't cook, we can't keep warm, and we can't make anything.

Together they are the utilities we take for granted until something goes wrong, and then we all realise how important they are. In your home, you turn the water on and off with a tap, as and when you need it. It's just the same for the thousand's of miles of pipes that bring energy and water to our cities, homes, refineries and factories.

Here at Rotork, we make the taps or valves that adjust the flow in these vast supply systems. We've been making them since 1957. Our first valves were just like a giant tap turned on and off by hand. Nowadays they are power driven adjusting flows at the touch of a button on a control panel, computer or even with a handheld remote. 

These motorised valves we call actuators, and our team of 3750 people are designing, making and servicing actuators in 11 countries.

Rotork actuators are quietly working away in the background maintaining the quality of life for hundreds of millions of people around the world.


Why we do it:

As the challenges of energy production and concerns about global warming and energy conservation grow, so comes the need to design better and smarter valves.

Our teams are always working on new ideas, and we thrive on doing our bit on the issues that the world faces as the population rises and the concerns about energy conservation, drinking water, and the environment become ever more critical.

To do this, we need multiskilled teams with in-depth knowledge across a whole range of engineering.

While our actuators might not appear glamorous from the outside what lies within is the complex system of high precision mechanical components, gears, motors, sensors electronics and hydraulics. They must be functional, durable, capable of withstanding extremes of temperature anywhere from the Arabian desert to the Arctic Circle.

The People who do it:

While our actuators may be the result, it is the 3700 employees around the world that make the business tick.

Designing, developing, manufacturing, selling, and servicing our products. The fact that many employees have been working for Rotork for decades is an indication that people enjoy working as part of our team.

With many worldwide locations and a growing demand for what we do, we offer many employees the opportunity of working and living in other countries. An opportunity not just to be a tourist but to work with colleagues from many nationalities and to absorb different cultures.

Our Engineers include:

Mechanical Engineers Electronics Engineers Hyraulics Engineers

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How to Join Us:

 Our young apprentices and graduates are critical to the future of our business and we believe in investing in our talent.


Rotork's apprenticeship scheme has been running almost since the company began 60 years ago and during this time many apprentices have become well-known figures in Rotork. We offer three apprenticeship schemes:

Engineering apprenticeship

Craft apprenticeship

Administration apprenticeship

The programme has been designed to be flexible as the strengths and preferences of each apprentice become apparent. Currently, these are run in conjunction with Bath College. 



Through our first-class graduate scheme, we aim to bring fresh talent and inspiration to the business. Engineering is not just about technical and practical skills; it is also about interpersonal skills, the ability to understand customer expectations, and planning to deliver projects on time.

The successful graduates spend 12-18 months on a training programme that includes working in different departments to get a hands-on feel for how the business operates before entering into his or her first career role.

Our scheme is part of a strategy to grow potential future leaders throughout our international operations and as such the system offers real development and career opportunities.