Cable & Wire Harness Assembly

What we do:

A cable harness or wiring loom is an assembly of wires bound together by straps or sleeves.

By binding the many wires and cables into a harness, the wires can be better secured against vibrations, rubbing, and moisture whilst making the best use of space.

Since the installer has only one harness to install (as opposed to dozens of wires), installation time is decreased and the process can easily be repeated.

Binding the wires into a flame-retardant sleeve also lowers the risk of electrical fires.

SIC (Swansea Industrial Components) started supplying electronic manufacturers with electrical wiring looms back in the early 1960’s, originally for washing machines and pin ball machines.

Since then the importance of electronics in just about everything we do has grown at a rapid rate.

So the demand for what SIC do has grown too.

Why we do it:

Today wiring harnesses form the link between buttons on control panels and the sensors, motors and controls they activate on a huge variety of products - cars, aircraft, appliances, office and medical equipment, cash machines, air-conditioning systems are just a few.

SIC wiring harnesses help make ambulances, medical probes, coffee machines, boilers, beer coolers and vacuum pumps work.

So next time you press a button it could be that it is an SIC wire that is helping relay your request into action.


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How to Join Us:

SIC are always happy to meet people who share our passion and commitment to both service and manufacturing excellence.


Who We Work With:

Today we serve over 100 customers in 35 different markets with a wide variety of applications:

Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Switchgear, Vending, Gaming and HVAC.


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