Team Consulting

Medical Device Design

What we do:

Team is a consultancy that works with international companies to design and develop medical devices.

The company has a built a reputation over 35 years of developing pioneering drug delivery devices. New medical treatments, interventions and tools often require innovative new technologies or manufacturing systems that need Team’s expertise throughout. Their work is wide ranging and includes diagnostic systems, surgical devices, respiratory care products, wound care, blood and fluid management and a wide variety of therapeutic systems involving electrical stimulation and thermal management.

Why we do it:

With a sole focus on the medical sector, everyone at Team is fully aware that their work improves the lives of people around the world living with chronic or debilitating conditions.

People at Team are driven by the same desire - to make things better by working in collaboration with clients and each other. 

Whether ‘things’ means the people or the products they work on, everyone at Team applies the same commitment to do the best and be the best. This focus and desire is a powerful combination and one that highlights why Team’s clients keep returning.

The People who do it:

With a global client base Team enables its people to build new relationships, develop new skills and work on solving many different challenges.

While work is the driver, the aim is also to enjoy work and so a fun, relaxed environment is paramount to continued success.

Even with over 100 engineers, designers and scientists at the Big Barn, the place still retains a family atmosphere. Social activities such as monthly bike rides,  running groups, a summer family BBQ, a Christmas party, add to the attractions.

Into the Future:

As a company that is 100% employee owned, the staff and associates have full control and involvement in how the business evolves and grows in the future.

As pharmaceuticals become ever more sophisticated the need for clever devices to deliver those drugs to patients is certain to grow too.


ISO 13485 certified

Although Team employs its own quality control systems it is also used to working with clients’ systems when required. This means being regularly audited by a number of its large pharmaceutical clients as part of on-going working relationships.

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How to Join Us:

Team is always looking for bright people. Good qualifications are essential but just as important are the personal qualities an applicant can contribute.  



Team sets itself a commitment to work with new graduates in drawing up key objectives at the very start of his or her career. From there on you’ll be trusted to work on a variety of real projects for a range of clients. You will be encouraged to mix and build relationships across different teams and take on responsibilities that’ll help develop both your technical skills and your breadth of expertise.   Team also offers a number of internship and placement programmes which give students the chance to gain hands-on, practical experience



Lasting 8 or 12 weeks, an internship at Team gives you the chance to integrate into a project team and get practical experience on real projects.


Placement Year

As part of a placement year students learn to develop their skills on real projects, gain practical experience, and work directly with clients.   If this sounds interesting get in touch. MORE       

In the Community:

On March 13th, with the UK in lockdown, Team Consulting was asked by the UK Government to join the UK Ventilator Challenge.

Consulting companies, manufacturers and suppliers worked collaboratively to respond to this call. Team Consulting assembled a group of engineers (including mechanical, software, materials and electronics), human factors specialists, industrial designers and project managers to meet this important call to action.

Getting a medical device to market takes years. In six weeks, Team designed EVA – the Emergency Ventilator Apparatus.



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