The Technology Partnership

Technology & Product Development Consultancy

What we do:

Teams at TTP make new technologies and products possible.

They put new technology and innovation to work by inventing, designing, developing and engineering new products and processes.

The chances are that a piece of TTP technology has made an impact on you - either, directly through a product you've used, or through some particular technology that's made an engineering system more efficient.

In many cases, the very core technology behind the idea was created at TTP.

The breadth projects they work on is so broad it's difficult to list. Just check out the photographs to get a flavour of the breadth of work they undertake.

Why we do it:

Every person at TTP has a passion for technology and a desire to solve taxing problems.

Together, they invent, design and engineer new technologies and products that have a lasting global impact.

Occasionally technologies are created which are so innovative, that it leads to the formation of a new company to exploit it. What could be more rewarding than that?

Teams are most often multidisciplinary.  TTP has dozens of projects across an incredibly wide range of businesses on the go at any one time.

There's a chance to work with some of the brightest minds in engineering and technology. Everyone is encouraged to develop not only the technical skills but also commercial know-how and entrepreneurial acumen that transforms ideas into products with global impact.

At TTP every day is different and each year offers more than the last.


The People who do it:

TTP looks for people that, with a leap of the imagination, develop creative and effective solutions. People that have limitless curiosity and are always looking at ways to re-invent approaches, products and services.

It’s a team of over 350 exceptionally skilled and accomplished individuals where traditional structures and job titles don’t exist.

The overriding philosophy is that you get the best out of people when they are motivated and that the most inventive minds are independent.

TTP is made up of people who don’t need to be told what to do to succeed.

As employee-shareholders, all have a stake and share of the rewards. They take calculated risks, make long-term investments, and have the time and freedom to build a business with depth.

Into the Future:

TTP was founded in 1987 with a culture of freedom and a commitment to employee ownership.

Today employees continue to have the autonomy to decide what should be done and use their talents to make it happen. Employee ownership means planning for the long-term, exploring new technologies and investing in people and business.

The whole team firmly believes engineering and technology are the future.

The business has grown exponentially since its birth, and all are confident that it will continue to do so.

As employee shareholders, everyone has a share of the rewards.

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How to Join Us:

TTP looks for candidates who are academically exceptional and show an interest and aptitude for business.

It is a challenging skill set, but for people who have it, few companies can offer such a breadth of opportunity.

TTP believes in handing its people the freedom to follow their ambitions.

For some, it is to be recognised for technical or commercial leadership or to develop new opportunities and markets for TTP.  For others, it is to initiate, build and evolve a successful new business – the TTP model of growth through spin-outs, subsidiaries and unique independent companies.

They invite candidates from anywhere in the world to apply – from veterans through to new graduates and interns.

If you have the skills and qualities, TTP would like to hear from you. MORE

Who We Work With:

Since its foundation, the engineers and scientists at TTP have played a pioneering role in a broad spectrum of sectors.

Projects include drug discovery and pharmaceutical automation, bioprocess automation, laboratory instrumentation, wireless communications, digital printing, electric vehicles, digital radio, food and beverage, drug delivery, diagnostics, micro-devices and sensing, and consumer products.

Its clients are some of the most prestigious and influential companies throughout the USA, EU and Japan as well as exciting start-ups.


In the Community:

TTP supports the Cambridge Arts Theatre, the Science Festival, literary festivals and many other theatrical, literary and science events in Cambridge.

From co-founding The Cambridge Launchpad - a programme to inspire young people to pursue STEM subjects - to sponsoring the Science Festival and matching employee charity donations, they are committed to promoting science and improving lives in Cambridge and beyond.



All photos and videos by The Technology Partnership.