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Fusion Power

What we do:

Our mission is to change the way the world generates power – forever.

We are developing a fusion solution, called a Tokamak, that will give the world a new power source that is plentiful, safe, cost-effective, secure and clean.

And we've set ourselves a target to have our fusion Tokamak providing energy into the electricity grid by 2030.

Fusion is the energy source that powers the sun, and expert scientists accept it as the best way to generate plentiful, safe, secure and clean energy. The tokamak is the most researched and best understood of all the different paths to fusion.

The research and experimentation that has gone before all indicate that the spherical tokamak design offers the most cost-effective solution and the lead members of our team have many years of experience developing this fascinating concept.

We have achieved some of our goals as we move forward with this research. Still, there remain many complex engineering challenges that must be overcome for the demonstration and commercialisation of this technology.

Once fusion electricity is achieved, our technology could be rolled out across the world as a solution to one of humanity’s most significant challenges: clean and sustainable energy for all.

Why we do it:

The world needs a clean and reliable source of energy, and that's what we're striving to achieve at Tokamak Energy.

A Fusion reactor energy source is desirable for both safety and environmental reasons. Firstly a fusion reactor would not release the pollutants that come from fossil fuels, in particular, the gases that contribute to global warming.

Secondly, a fusion reaction is not a chain reaction meaning that the reactor cannot undergo "meltdown."

Thirdly the main products of a fusion reaction are not radioactive.

It's a huge challenge, but something that our team firmly believe can be achieved.

A successful outcome requires a lot of advances in many technological areas before it can be a reality, but now the pieces look as if they might be coming together.

The People who do it:

While there have been successes with small-scale fusion over the past 50 years, it is the recent advances in other complementary technologies and engineering techniques which give us the confidence to believe that our dream can now become a reality.

Our team brings together some of the very brightest minds in the field working together.

From world-class fusion scientists and magnet engineers that ensure our technical development continues at an impressive pace, to the skilled support professionals that keep the business running smoothly. We have a highly versatile and talented team that is setting the standard in this field of research and development.

Such a ground-breaking development is highly collaborative and inclusive, with people continually discussing the challenges since there are no right or wrong answers, just different options.

Into the Future:

For us, fusion is the future of energy, and we have to solve this problem.

Our Engineers include:

Working at this level require some exceptionally bright, some might say highbrow minds.

Our team consists of many specialists in their field including -

chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, theoretical physicists, plasma physicists, physical chemists, professors of mathematics, particle physicists, electrical engineers, mechanical designers, materials technologists and experts in cryogenics.

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How to Join Us:

As our scientific research advances, so does the size of the team that is working to deliver our compact tokamak project.

We currently have a 40-strong team of people that are all playing a leading role in helping us realise a fusion-powered future.

Tokamak Energy is a challenging and rewarding place to work – as our employee testimonials highlight – so if you think you’ve got the skills and passion for helping us reach our exciting targets we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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Who We Work With:

We work with some of the world’s leading industrial and scientific organisations and currently collaborate with the following:


The Welding Institute

Imperial College

Oxford University

York University

Tokyo University