Haptic Technologies - adding sense of touch to virtual objects

What we do:

Ultraleap is working to create a remarkable connection between people and technology. By using ultrasound to project sensations onto a hand, Ultrahaptics is pushing through an era of change and allowing people to feel and control technology like never before.

From invisible buttons and dials that you feel when you need them, through to tangible interfaces that track your hand, this elegant and simple technology was created using complex mathematics yet is based on human nature.

Here at Ultraleap we create tactile sensations in mid-air.

No controllers or wearables are needed: our patented “virtual touch” technology uses ultrasound to project shapes and textures directly onto the user’s hands. Controls can be operated without touching a surface, gestures can be enhanced with tactile feedback, and users can interact in a natural way with virtual objects.

Why we do it:

We’re always aiming for amazing. We’re creating the next possible.

If you think something can be done better, we want to hear about it. We encourage a culture of restless innovation where everyone is challenged to do better, every day.

We believe great innovations come from people who are empowered and respected. That’s why we strive to create an open, fair, collaborative workplace that helps everyone reach their potential.

It’s an exciting time for each individual and for the development of our culture.

The People who do it:

We’re a team of more than 150 people and growing, with offices in Bristol, UK and Silicon Valley, US.

Everyone who works at Ultraleap is unique. We all have different ways of seeing things and achieving things.

It's a relaxed environment, but we work hard, with a passion to explore completely new technologies.


Into the Future:

The future is a place where infinite worlds are at your fingertips.

One where you interact naturally and in 3D. One where you don’t need controllers.

Glass Wharf Bristol BS2 0EL
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How to Join Us:

We recognise that it is the creativity, enthusiasm and dedication of our people that underpins our success and, as we continue to grow and expand further, we work hard to attract and retain the very best talent we can.

If you are interested in joining a global team that is developing tomorrow’s technology and the most amazing minds that are creating it, take a look at our current vacancies or join our mailing list. MORE


Who We Work With:

We are currently working alongside well known companies in different markets including automotive, digital signage and entertainment to explore the potential of our innovative technology.

Our growth is supported by funding from

Cornes, Dolby Venture, HostPlus, IP Group, Mayfair Equity

In the Community:

At Ultraleap we’re always eager to collaborate with the academic and scientific community. It’s your incredible research and groundbreaking discoveries that keep the world moving forwards.

Our worldwide academic program is designed to give universities and education labs everything they need to get started.


Photos and videos by Ultraleap.