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Road Markings

What we do:

WJ is the UK’s leading independent road marking business.  

The team specialises in carrying out permanent and temporary road markings, road studs, high friction and safety surfacing, asphalt repair, line removal and surface retexturing.

In addition to roads, they offer line markings for runways, taxiways and aprons at several UK airports and carry out markings for all sports games. This includes full-colour spraying of sports courts and play areas to give improved grip and high visual impact.

Rather than use standard vehicles, WJ focuses on creating bespoke designs to ensure the most efficient and safe installation methods.

With years of hands-on experience, the aim is to develop and build vehicles that are best suited for the task in hand. These vehicles are designed and constructed at the specialist manufacturing workshop in Elland, West Yorkshire.

Why we do it:

WJ has grown as a business built on the strong aspiration be exceptional in all they do.

The team prides itself on the quality of their work and also understand its importance. No job is too big or small, and they endeavour to complete every project on time and budget.

Road markings can be seen as a form of modern-day calligraphy on a giant scale.

The results are a subtle sign of a society that places high value on human life, travel efficiency, and calm discipline.

It's not until you travel to other countries, where road markings are absent, that you realise how important these details are to daily lives.

Something easily taken for granted.

The People who do it:

WJ believes that by encouraging our people to collaborate in new ways enhances both their, and the group's, ability to reach new levels.

Projects often need to be carried out to very tight timescales involving working through the night to minimise disruption.

This means very close collaboration and trust across every member of the team.

The company works hard to create a culture where friendships are forged that extend beyond work as can be seen from the large range of social and charity activities which it supports.

Many small gains added together can translate simple ideas into a tangible difference.


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How to Join Us:

WJ provides flexible opportunities for Placements, Internships and tailored Graduate Schemes across many aspects of its work.

These are set up with a personal development plan and work in collaboration with industry institutes to encouraged candidates to develop skills and achieve professional qualifications.

The group has also worked with the Construction Youth Trust on the Routes Into Construction programme.

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In the Community:

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