Warren Services

Precision Engineering and Assemblies

What we do:

We are a team of highly skilled machinists and metal craftsmen. We take raw metals and transform them into precision components and complex assemblies.

Using the very latest machinery, computer-aided design and programming we thrive on being adaptable and creative to produce an extensive range of work.

Our products range from high precision, small components to the creation of complete products delivered on what's called an OEM basis for our clients.

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a company that produces parts and equipment that may be marketed by another company and today's high-tech world this is commonplace.

Just recently the team demonstrated its skills and tenacity by working long hours to rapidly manufacture sub-assemblies for 1000 ventilators to support the NHS in care of Coronavirus patients.

Our consistent track record of results achieved for clients have set our firm apart.

Why we do it:

It is the variety of projects we do that keeps us stimulated.

Each brings with it a different set of problems to be overcome on design, manufacture, assembly, finishing or even transport.

Quite often our clients have a clear idea of the endgame but have not worked out how to get there, and that's where our combined creative skills come in to play. It also means no two days are the same.

By successfully delivering quality projects, on time and budget, we've built a reputation where clients place much trust in our capabilities and teamwork.

Repaying that trust gives us the satisfaction of a job well done allied to the knowledge that what we have built or created is playing its part in society.

With our really large constructions, there is a real sense of achievement in seeing them leave the workshop on the back of a trailer. Quite often getting them ready for shipping presents a challenge in itself to ensure that they arrive at their destination safely.

This energy is contagious, and it's what keeps us coming back every day.

The People who do it:

We are a creative, adaptable and enthusiastic group of individuals that rise to the challenges we are offered. We take pride in making things that are technically complex and play an important part in making the world we live in function.

Our people are our greatest asset and maximising their development is a key part of our business strategy. 

Warren Services has found many of its key employees through the apprentice route which we believe is vital to ensure that the creativity of skilled engineering thrives in the UK 

In addition to apprentice training, we believe in up-skilling and developing all employees because with technology moving fast the kind of work you do in the future may not even have been invented yet.

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How to Join Us:

We know all too well that Warren Services continued progression and innovation for our clients rest on our ability to attract, develop and retain the most excellent talent and skills.

To achieve this we work with Local Schools, Colleges, Universities and Jobcentre-Plus on work experience programmes and offer Intern and Graduate placements, many leading to full-time employment.

Warren's new apprentices attend West Suffolk College on a day release basis, and we also sponsor two students per year for the course in the hope that they will come to us for valuable work experience.

Our management team firmly believe in the importance of skill’s training and encouraging the young to consider a career in the engineering sector. We hold open days at our offices and are always open to opportunities to discuss with teachers how we might support them on career guidance.

If you feel you can rise to the challenge and relish working with the latest technology, we'd love to hear from you.

To apply for apprenticeships or work experience, please send your details to Estee Ross via this link. MORE

Who We Work With:

With a broad range of clients we have designed and built

Special jigs for the creation of door panels, fire suppression systems, large structures for the building sector, stainless steel food processing equipment, baggage handling systems, components for alternative energy vehicles, small runs on specialist vehicles, and huge stage sets for touring concerts.

In the Community:

The charity events we either run or take part in are an excellent way to bring together our staff, have fun and at the same time encourage socially awareness.

Our local community is where our roots lie, and we see it as part of our responsibility to support good local causes as well as those with a much broader base.

Recently we have supported

British Heart Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis, Cancer Research, Autism Anglia,  Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer campaigns as well Addenbrookes, our local hospital,

through a broad range of activities in which our team enthusiastically participates.

To encourage sport, the local hockey team proudly wears its Warren Services playing kit which we provide.


Photos and videos by Warren Services and Department of Education