Precision Engineers

What we do:

In this era of high-tech manufacturing, companies rely on subcontractors to produce many of the parts that go together to form a finished product. Westcut is part of such supply chains.

It specialises in producing small, high specification, precision metal components that are critical for a broad range of companies. Clients are typically automotive, aerospace, defence and construction companies, and its role is to take their technical specification or CAD data and transform that into a finished component, delivered on time.

Westcut uses the most sophisticated machines to produce turned, milled and pressed components, water cut templates and precision prototype parts in a variety of metals and composites.

What links every part is the need for the highest tolerances which modern technology demands.

Why we do it:

Westcut works in a fast-changing business sector as new materials and processes evolve, and you can find yourself using technologies which did not exist just a few years ago. In such an industry it’s imperative to keep abreast of new processes, components, suppliers and industry trends.

The team takes its design role for clients very seriously understanding that they seek the best guidance and product for the best possible cost.

Keeping at the top of its game is the challenge the team faces daily. One moment focus may be on producing components by the thousands, the next it will be a one-off prototype developed in close conjunction with the client. It's this variety that keeps everyone stimulated.

The People who do it:

While the management continues to invest in the very latest CAD systems and equipment, their function is entirely dependant on the skills of the team. Machines only work to their maximum when correctly programmed, and that's where the Westcut designers and technical operators come into their own.

Getting systems to run smoothly takes time and skill, but it is essential to produce components that match the quality and finish expected by its clients.

With software and programs being regularly upgraded, they invest time and effort in ensuring the team keeps abreast of changes through both in-house and off-site training.

Into the Future:

The team believes that Britain's future lies in its high-technology and advanced engineering; a belief now being endorsed by government investment in the sector.

Wescut is confident that with steady ongoing investment in technology and more importantly, its people, that the skills and business attitude they offer will continue to be in demand for the foreseeable future.

Acknowledging that all businesses face challenges, there is a confidence that as a small team, they can adapt as markets change and new technologies come on stream.




Our Engineers include:

Skilled CNC operators, 3D CAD designers,


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How to Join Us:

Westcut offers Apprenticeships as well as opportunities for those with experience.

The Apprentice Scheme, run in conjunction with Wiltshire College provides a genuine alternative to university and a solid foundation for a career in engineering.

Typically lasting four years, the scheme offers the training, guidance and support needed to develop valuable skills, earn sought-after qualifications and establish yourself in your chosen career.


Photos and videos by Westcut, Weaver Design, vivifycg.