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Winning over the Young

Millennials want what every generation that has come before them wants — to feel that they matter, that their work matters and that they are contributing to something bigger than themselves.

Don't we all want to wake up inspired to go to work, feel safe and wanted when we're there and come home fulfilled at the end of each day?

The difference is that Millennials are the first generation with the guts to ask for it and to expect it.

Engineering is a career that offers fulfilment, is of critical importance socially, is creative and is one in which people and teams matter. It's just that historically the engineering sector has not been very good at conveying this.

Words and Images

Words and images reveal a great deal about your company’s attitude toward your people, what you do, and why you do it.

And in this era of the internet and social media, they become all the more relevant as we strive to attract the next generation.

Remember this is about conveying the spirit of your company, its human side.

Technical specifications, performance, certifications and other technical issues are all of critical importance to your business, but they should remain on your website.

Here we are asking you to present the human face of your business. It's your opportunity to convey how people matter to your business, to demonstrate that your company is a place where their work is appreciated and that your work is of value to society in general.

Pride in what you do

Present your product with pride, whatever it may be, complex or simple, They are the result of your team's work and deserve to be acknowledged so.

Good photographs reflect your pride in what you do. They literally provide a snapshot of what you do.

It's worth spending a bit of time on making sure the snapshot is good.


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Your Workplace

What's it like in your laboratory? How do people interact in your design office? Is your workshop open and spacious or compact? Spotlessly clean or slightly grubby? What’s it like on-site? How is your production line set up?

They might seem like pointless questions to you because you experience it daily, but to a 15-year-old considering what career to go for, a vision of where, on what, and with whom they might be working is essential.

Similarly, a journalist thinking about what stories to write will more often than not have little feeling for what goes on in an engineering enterprise.

One of the great attractions of the engineering profession is the diversity it offers. In comparison to, for instance, the financial sector where just about every job is deskbound in front of a computer. Engineering provides a vast diversity of roles and locations

There's something to suit just about everyone.

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Presenting CAD renderings

Creating 3D CAD data is now a regular part of product development or programming for CNC machining, and within each drawing lies a wealth of dimensional data. Have you thought of just stepping one stage further and creating finished renderings to present what you do to a lay audience?

Our team of support specialist will take your CAD files, in almost any format, to create finished images and videos. Let us know if you would like some help on this.

Make the most of what you have

You may already have many records of past projects. but feel they just don't quite come up to scratch.

With today's technology, it's easy to edit pictures removing the peripheral background and improving the lighting so that all eyes are on the work.